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Finding the unique and fun gift can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be…

Finding that unique fun toy or gift can be a daunting task. There are so many avenues available that it is really a lot easier than you think. What makes for a Young girl is having fununique item? Well, The American College Dictionary defines unique as “1. of which there is but one; sole; only; 2. having no like or equal; 3. rare, or unusual;” Here are some items that fit this description of being rare, unusual, unique, and relating to fun or better yet FUNULAR! This is not a comprehensive list but is just a sampling of what is available. These toys and gifts are sure to bring laughter, enjoyment, and just plain fun! Just like any other toy or gift, these fun filled unique toys and gifts fall into many categories. Home furnishings, clothing, electronic toys, garden, automotive, phone accessories, and the list goes on and on. There is something for everyone, even that hard to please person who seems to have everything. Just go through the items below and you may just find that unique item you’ve been searching for.


Why wake up to a boring breakfast when you can have a sun shining breakfast! Have you been searching for a way to brighten up your breakfast?  Well get ready to crack some smiles because our Sunnyside Egg Shaper is ready to transform your ordinary boring egg into an egg-strodinary edible work of art!  Think about it, golden rays of yolk pouring out over your rolling hills of toast Sunny Egg Moldtriangles and sausage patties. Mmmm mmm, an egg-cellent tasty piece of art on your breakfast plate! Just crack an egg and pour it into the sunny spot of the silicon mold, the yolk will flow into the cloud and take your breakfast to the egg-streme! Not feeling up to walking on sunshine today?  No worries, try adding some black pepper and hot sauce for a storm cloud of great deliciousness! Silicone.  Measures 5.25 inches long x 4 inches wide. A fun way to make eggs for only $12.99! That’s something that will really brighten your day!


Posterior Design Magnet Set from ModCloth

POSTERIOR MAGNETS! Attract all sorts of compliments when you use this hilarious magnet set by Kikkerland to secure postcards, pics, and flyers to your fridge. Crafted to resemble the derriere of your favorite terrier, dalmatian, poodle, pug, and retriever, this pack of whimsical magnets are sure to drive your friends doggone wild and comes with a fun ModCloth tote. You can arrange them strategically around the included hydrant and let the ‘tails’ of delight unfold. Magnets are made of plastic and measure approximately 1 to 2 inches in height, 0.75 to 1.5 inches in length, 0.5 to 0.75 inches in width. A great deal for only $9.99! What a bargain!


Ringing Endorsement Phone Handset from ModCloth

THE RINGING ENDORSEMENT PHONE HANDSET – You’ve always had an eye for elegance from another era, whether it comes to posh party dresses or chic, classic furniture. When a customer phones your antique shop to inquire about the latest finds, it’s no surprise to you standing in the window, smiling as you speak into this vintage-inspired handset! Echoing your timeless taste with a brown wood-effect handle between a brass-like metallic receiver and ornate matching mouthpiece, this all-plastic accessory allows you to communicate in comfort, no matter how long the chat. Simply connect the 3.5 mm plug at the end of its coiled black cord into your smartphone or tablet, then flaunt your favorite modern gadget in refined retro fashion! Measures 9 x 4.5 x 2 inches, for only $24.99! Now that’s something to talk about!


TANK UP COFFEE CUP! None of us can manage to fully wake up in the morning until we get that liquid java fuel. You’ll know when your tank is full or half empty with the Tank Up Coffee Mug. The mug features a faux gas gauge that changes color with temperature. A full cup of hot coffee will show a full tank on the outside of the of the cup. Tank Up Coffee MugWhen you are looking to fuel up on a little cup o’ joe don’t forget to take a look and check your gas gauge. We don’t want you to get all the way to work only to run out of gas before you hit the building. Only $12.95, that’s a great price that will really fill your tank!

Click Here To Order The Tank Up Coffee Cup

Coke® FROZEN DRINK STATIONJust in time for summer! Make your own cool drinks in minutes! Just load the machine with ice and fill the pitcher with your favorite drink Frozen Coke(alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Choose from 2 shaving settings: snow for a finer texture, or slush for more coarse. In no time you’ll be serving and enjoying perfectly-blended snow cones, slushes, frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and more! Prepares up to 4 8-oz. drinks at a time. Includes recipes and instructions. Only $55.00 for such a great gift that will really keep you cool!

Click Here To Order The COKE Frozen Drink Station

ROCKSTAR PILLOWS – Every rock star needs a little practice before they get some beauty sleep. Pick up a mic or one of the guitars from our Pillow Rock Band and start rocking! Make your bed the stage as you shred Pillow Rock Band3it out! Leave this pillow set out on the couch for a creative play time! Rock and play in a fluffy way! Set includes 3 pillows. Great for kids of all ages! Red guitar measures: 18 inches long x 6 inches wide. Yellow guitar measures: 18 inches long x 6 inches wide. Microphone measures: 7 inches long x 2 inches wide. Only $44.99 for a rockin’ gift. 

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