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LeapPad from LeapFrog Review



LeapFrog has a new version of its LeapPad Explorer tablet for children, the LeapPad Ultra, available now. The new LeapPad Ultra, from LeapFrog, has made significant improvements, enhancements, and features from its predecessor, the LeapPad2. The LeapPad Ultra has a 7″ screen unlike the 5″ screen on the LeapPad2, light-touch screen that swipes from page to page more like an iPad® or you can use a stylus instead of your finger! LeapFrog calls this technology “Duo Tech”. In addition, the new LeapPad Ultra has great new features such as a 1,024 -x-600 pixel screen, an improvement from the LeapPad2 480-x-272 pixel screen.

Also the new LeapPad Ultra has a child safe web browser with parental settings, 8GB of storage (an improvement from 4GB with the LeapPad2), a rechargeable battery, an MP3 player (previously a separate purchase item with the LeapPad2), a front and rear facing camera and 480 pixel video recorder (the LeapPad2 only had a 240 pixel video camera), 11 different applications (as opposed to 5 with the LeapPad2), and the LeapPad Ultra is fully Wi-Fi enabled.

Specific Features

 Power and Connectivity

The LeapPad Ultra now comes with an internal rechargeable lithium battery that LeapFrog claims a 9 hour battery life. In addition, the LeapPad Ultra comes with an A/C adapter as well, something that was not included or available in the LeapPad2. The new Wi-Fi addition also will allow children to do peer-to-peer gaming with all of their LeapPad Ultra friends, surf the internet safely utilizing the child safe browser, utilize a chat feature called “Pet Chat” and parents can now directly sync content to their child’s LeapPad Ultra as well!


LeapPad Ultra comes with 11 preinstalled applications, Photo Fun Ultra, Art Studio, Ultra, Pet Pad Party, Utility Suite, Pet Chat and more. In addition, parents can easily browse, purchase and download applications from LeapFrog’s library of 500 learning games, applications, eBooks, videos, music and more! Again, with over 500 applications available for the LeapPad Ultra, the possibilities are endless! In addition, you have the choice of one free app download. Free app choices include: Sugar Bugs, Scaredy Cat and Ozzie and Mack eBook.

Design Features

With the LeapPad Ultra 7-inch screen, compared to the 5-inch screens of the earlier LeapPads and the InnoTab, this makes the new tablet physically larger. It weighs about the same as an iPad 2. But even though it weighs slightly more, the extra screen size is a great addition which is great especially for watching movies and playing video games. These features will keep LeapPad attractive for a slightly older age range. Also, the LeapPad Ultra has a strong protective case which protects the tablet and makes it much more rugged.

Overall Summary

  • The LeapPad Ultra is the 100% kid-perfect learning tablet that is built kid-tough with a 7-Inch hi-res screen and Wi-Fi with kid-safe Web
  • LeapPad Ultra includes 11 applications (onboard and downloadable) and over 500 applications that you can download as well
  • Kid-safe out of the box, LeapPad Ultra offers extra parental settings to easily control exactly what experiences a child can have access to
  • The LeapPad Ultra has a built in lithium battery and a power supply pack
  • Comes with 8GB of storage, Wi-Fi ready, an MP3 player, a camera and a 480 pixel video recorder
  • A 7″ touch screen that swipes from page to page

With all these features, why not check out the new LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog by clicking on the “Click Here To Order” button below.

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  • January 2, 2014, 8:34 am Jodi Shaw

    Great review. I love Leap Frog’s wonderful programs and gadgets for kids for learning. My son’s favorite is Read with me Scout.

    • January 5, 2014, 5:28 am irving

      Thank you Jodi for your comment. I haven’t really looked at Read with me Scout, but I’ve been told that it’s really a great application.

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