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Zebra Shoe Wine Holders





The ZEBRA Wine Caddy

It’s just in time for all of your summer parties! The High Heel Wine Caddy is a show stopper for any shoe-a-holic!  It’s also the perfect accessory to wear on a girls night in! You’ve heard of drinking champagne out of a shoe, now you can with the Zebra High Heel Wine Caddy. You can even set the trend of the evening by being bold enough to store your wine in a stiletto. The caddy is the perfect addition to any wine or shoe lover’s collection. Bring it to your next fancy party and show off your wine in the Zebra High Heel Wine Caddy. This high fashion accessory is designed to hold any standard sized wine bottle and makes a great conversation piece. You’ll definitely be a shoe in for everyone’s favorite guest! Made from resin, this zebra Order-Nowheel is able to hold any standard sized  wine bottle or 25 Fl. Oz.


White Snow Lace High Heel Wine Caddy

Introduce your wine bottles to the finer things in life by storing them in a fabulous high heel wine holder. Made of resin our white snow lace stiletto wine bottle holder is hand painted in a luxurious white color which is accented by the silver lace that covers the entire shoe. The toe is topped by a satin bow with a faux pearl surrounded by eye catching rhinestones. This stiletto wine holder is built to fit most standard 750mL wine bottles and is the perfect wine décor for bridal showers or White Snow Lace High Heel Wine Holderany occasion. You will bring an air of elegance to your table with this White Snow Lace High Heel Wine Holder. Measures about 10” x 4” x 8Order-Now






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Finding that unique fun toy or gift can be a daunting task. There are so many avenues available that it is really a lot easier than you think. What makes for a Young girl is having fununique item? Well, The American College Dictionary defines unique as “1. of which there is but one; sole; only; 2. having no like or equal; 3. rare, or unusual;” Here are some items that fit this description of being rare, unusual, unique, and relating to fun or better yet FUNULAR! This is not a comprehensive list but is just a sampling of what is available. These toys and gifts are sure to bring laughter, enjoyment, and just plain fun! Just like any other toy or gift, these fun filled unique toys and gifts fall into many categories. Home furnishings, clothing, electronic toys, garden, automotive, phone accessories, and the list goes on and on. There is something for everyone, even that hard to please person who seems to have everything. Just go through the items below and you may just find that unique item you’ve been searching for. More On Where Did You Find That?



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The Simpson's Lego House Review!

Recently, LEGO has come out with many new toys based on the latest and most popular super heroes. Lately they have developed and released Iron Man, The HULK, Batman, Spider Man, and Captain America Marvel and DC super hero sets.  Their newest release is the LEGO’s Simpsons House. With the popularity of the Simpsons series combined with the famous history of LEGOS, this new addition is sure to be a much sought after very popular toy and a big seller! This is the perfect set for fans of LEGO® brick building and The Simpsons™. Recreate hilarious scenes from the classic animated TV series with The Simpsons House. Read More About the new LEGO Simpson’s House!


Are Board Games Becoming More Popular?

Are board games becoming more popular you may wonder? Classic board games such as Monopoly, Clue, Trouble, and the like are becoming more popular according to a number of studies conducted over the last year. Even children’s games like Chutes and Ladders is gaining popularity. The opinion that board games are “bored games” is no longer the case. Here are some of the more popular board games that have stood the test of time.
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angry birds redThe new Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo are one of the latest new hot toys for children 8 years old and up! The Angry Birds Air Swimmers has been, and continues to be, a best seller for brick and mortar stores as well as the online market place too! In some cases, there have been a few merchants who have been completely sold out with customers on a waiting list for a new shipment to arrive! What makes the Angry Birds Air Swimmers toy so popular? Let’s find out. Read More About the Angry Birds Air Swimmers!


LeapPad from LeapFrog Review



LeapFrog has a new version of its LeapPad Explorer tablet for children, the LeapPad Ultra, available now. The new LeapPad Ultra, from LeapFrog, has made significant improvements, enhancements, and features from its predecessor, the LeapPad2. The LeapPad Ultra has a 7″ screen unlike the 5″ screen on the LeapPad2, light-touch screen that swipes from page to page more like an iPad® or you can use a stylus instead of your finger! LeapFrog calls this technology “Duo Tech”. In addition, the new LeapPad Ultra has great new features such as a 1,024 -x-600 pixel screen, an improvement from the LeapPad2 480-x-272 pixel screen.

Also the new LeapPad Ultra has a child safe web browser with parental settings, 8GB of storage (an improvement from 4GB with the LeapPad2), a rechargeable battery, an MP3 player (previously a separate purchase item with the LeapPad2), a front and rear facing camera and 480 pixel video recorder (the LeapPad2 only had a 240 pixel video camera), 11 different applications (as opposed to 5 with the LeapPad2), and the LeapPad Ultra is fully Wi-Fi enabled. Read More About the LeapPad!